St. Petersburg in the light of cultural tourism

Nuss Angelina (2022) St. Petersburg in the light of cultural tourism. Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism.

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The thesis revolves around the significance, infrastructural and economic benefits of cultural tourism in connection with St. Petersburg and also seeks answers to the questions of what trends can be observed in the topic and what opportunities there are for cultural and infrastructural development in the present circumstances. The trends of the Hungarian outbound tourist flow to St. Petersburg are also covered. It is important to note that two major world events also influenced the results at the time of writing. These are none other than the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. In recent years, St. Petersburg had hosted more and more significant world events (e.g. FIFA™ World Cup), which had resulted in the prosperity and development of the region. As a result, there had been a boom in cultural tourism, which is an exciting topic for those who travel to discover the cultural values of a given country/nation. In order to examine this topic, an expressive amount of sources were used in this thesis, including primary and secondary sources as well. The primary source is an interview, made with 1000 Út travel agency, while secondary sources include articles, previous studies on the topic, publications, research papers, statistics etc. The results are then examined using the methodology of SWOT analysis and we take a look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of St. Petersburg in the light of recent years and try to draw conclusions for the future. The results clearly show that St. Petersburg's strength lies in its history, cultural heritage (e.g. the city center, Hermitage, etc.), natural features, and geographical location, while its weaknesses include seasonality and the country's current world political situation among others. However, the city will have many opportunities in the future to develop further in terms of cultural tourism, but it is important to re-emphasize that in the current situation this will certainly shift by a few years, which also carries the risk that this current situation may further escalate, blocking the development path for the city/region for a longer period. It is also important to note that not even the pandemic is over, so another wave of it could have negative consequences as well. In conclusion, St. Petersburg is a promising tourist destination when it comes to culture, however, due to the above-mentioned facts, everything has become so uncertain that it is very difficult to predict what will happen to the city in terms of cultural tourism in the next couple of years.


Budapest Business University


Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism


Turizmus Tanszék






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