Prospects of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robots and Automated services in tourism

Erdenebat Ochirkhuu (2022) Prospects of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robots and Automated services in tourism. Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism.

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Tourism research papers on AI and other technological advancements has been consistently increasing in tourism sectors.  The Artificial Intelligence, robots and automation are slowly getting practiced by tourism enterprises. As the technology evolving in rapid speeds, the need of its application is inevitable. Throughout my research I found out that tourism services are currently using combination of reactive and limited memory AI and eventually there will be a demand for theory of mind. The overwhelming amount of data in tourism needs to regulated through Big Data as it allows tourism systems to identify tourists’ actions and prevent potential errors in the workspace.  It also acts as a great tool to exchange huge amounts of data in short amounts of time. The tourists can get their data secured and private via the blockchain technology, which will further improve the tourism experience for many tourists. The automation and robotics bring countless benefits such as energy management, cost reduction, improved customer experience, sustainability, guaranteed security and other creative solutions to complicated problems. Using these robots and automation during their tourism services, tourists may be able to have less unbiased services, get through unfamiliar places and have more control during their tourism experience. The scarcity of labor force in tourism will ultimately force tourism into implementing robots into their labor. This circumstance, however is believed to bring more benefits economically due to AI, robots and automation being able to boost productivity and embrace innovation. The tourism labor market, could have better working conditions and wages due to help of AI and automation. Moreover, it can bring more professionals from other specializations such as engineering, developers, mechanics and other various work of labor into tourism. Despite the promises, there is still a need of keeping the equilibrium between human and robots. Therefore, an issue of human labor being replaced by robots rose up. Even though it may seem dire, these changes will make labor workforce to be more inventive since they need to adopt better to these high developed technologies. The robots and automation could open up roads to new opportunities rather than eliminating them. The co-operation between human and robot’s workforce will bring better tourism experience for tourists and more interactive and challenging and fun environment in the tourism working experience. It is evident that, the main importance of AI and automation relies on their acceptance and how people perceive them. The ethical issues regarding AI and robots tackle with their overall existence and whether they should be equal to human. Even though the robots and AI can bring unbiased results based on given data, it can also have harmful impacts on tourists due to malfunction or being used through wrongful hands. The willingness to interact with these robots on daily basis is still debatable to this day and of before we implement these systems and technologies there should be laws and regulations regarding their safety, privacy, social and moral status, governance and sustainability laws. These laws vary depending on the country or on the business perspectives, consequently bringing them into general way of tourism, confronts with countless obstacles. It is evident that from the sustainability point of view, AI and automation excels on preserving energy and power, lowering the footprints of tourists. They can be utilized to build efficient space for extra green places and bring solutions to preserving natural resources. They can even implement marketing strategies and encouragements towards building more effective and eco-friendly tourism experience. It is clear that AI, automation and robots could bring outstanding benefits for tourism sector for both tourists and service providers along with economic growth and sustainable way of travelling. Overall, their usage opens up doors for tourists to have a better role and freedom during their travelling experience, as well as security and assurance. Virtual tours allow tourists to explore and experience without border limitations and access. Yet, it confronts with the issue of moral and ethical ways of people and how can people implement these technologies into our daily tourism experience


Budapest Business University


Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism


Turizmus Tanszék






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Dr. Kummitha Harshavardhan Reddy
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