Increased value of online shopping and novel e-commerce trends in developed and developing countries

Alili Faig (2021) Increased value of online shopping and novel e-commerce trends in developed and developing countries. Faculty of International Management and Business.

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In contemporary world, the new business reality is that, economic structures and information groups based on internet. Companies and consumers live comfort of easily purchasing goods and services from different foreign countries. It is an evident fact that, as years pass, the influence of the e-commerce on the enterprises and people will be of substantial significance both in scope and density. The e-commerce can be explained being the electronic procedure through which persons or corporations make a business deal, as purchase, vend, transmit, or exchange merchandises, services and data. Electronic commerce possesses a noticeable prospect aimed at the cross-border development of transactions and enables the worldwide trades in several conducts: by reducing the distance transactions costs and increasing the commercial operations efficiency, expanding the scale of international trade relations and increasing the trade rate. The electronic commerce initiatives may create lower costs, increase in earnings and organizational efficiency for companies aiming to gain an advantage in the today’s economic competition environment. In addition, ecommerce is a commotion that has brought about novel magnitudes in economic progression and has facilitated lots of economies to realize an advanced level of enlargement in recent years, by this means producing an investment environment contributing to the auxiliary economic expansion. Nevertheless, there are substantial differences in the e-commerce practices of developing and developed countries. As such, although having a market with gigantic opportunities for ecommerce, most developing countries are far away to experience that reality because of many factors hindering development of e-commerce. Even though most businesses functioning in developing countries have miscarried to acquire the advantages being obtainable by contemporary information and communications technologies, e-commerce must be embraced by developing economies due to its likely enhancing effects to their economy and societal progress that will result in advances in commercial throughput, a decrease in the administrative outlays of businesses, and an improvement of the integration of internal markets with global markets. This thesis is grounded on the increased value of the e-commerce and online shopping in the global economy, by stating the diverse practices in developed and developing economies, and the examination of new tendencies regarding e-commerce. The thesis includes comprehensive literature research, use of secondary data and the primary data in the face of a survey executed in Azerbaijan. The survey results is compared to the identical survey carried out in the United States, 4 with the intention of compare the status quo of online shopping in a developing and developed economy. Additionally, the thesis contains an interview with an online shopping start-up functioning in Azerbaijan.


Budapest Business University


Faculty of International Management and Business


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